We have built approximately 80% of our business through the referrals of satisfied clients. If that does not adequately speak to the quality of massage services that we provide, we hope these statements from our clients will convince you that you’re making the right decision by choosing Meridian Bodywork!

Working Out! (12/14/2010)
Michele says: I am so glad that someone recommended Andrew to me. When I’ve worked out too much and my whole body aches, his massages help me to get back to the gym. He is great!

Marathon Recovery ~ Amazing (10/9/2010)
Stacey H. says: I visited Meridan Bodyworks for a massage after running my first marathon. My knees and hips were really sore the final 4-6 miles of the race and immediately after the marathon. After having a massage the next day, my recovery was amazing. I felt wonderful and no ill-affects from running 26.2 miles. I will definitely visit Meridan Bodyworks for recovery after races in the future.

THANK YOU! (10/7/2010)
Jeff S. says: Thank you for working the knot out of my back! I am able to function again! Look forward to next visit.

Comfortable (10/2/2010)
Paul G. says: Andrew creates a personable, and comfortable atmosphere that puts me at ease and then he works very hard to release the muscles in my back. I appreciate his effort, which makes my life more manageable. I highly recommend Andrew if you need a real, intense, deep tissue massage.

Life changing (8/16/2010)
Mark K. says: I have been going on and off for a while to Andrew and he always seems to help me feel more stretched out and relaxed. I am tall and poor posture runs in the family, also driving for a living I tend to hunch over in the truck. I really find that with the longer sessions he will get deeper into my sore shoulders and neck and I really am able to stand up with better posture and feel more able to be active and stay healthy (uninjured). He has really helped get me back to thinking about my fitness and the little things that we can do to enjoy life, I tend to feel great and go for a long walk with the dog after a massage. He is very professional and has a very clean and quiet space, anyone should be comfortable making an appointment. You really get a good value.

“Knowing I was a triathlete and can use the services of a good massage therapist, a friend of mine recommended Andy. I have seen Andy for pre race massage therapy as well as post race and in all instances, Andy has done a great job. His deep tissue work is phenomenal. Whether you’re a trained athlete, a weekend warrior or just want a relaxing massage, Andy’s the guy to see. His services are a great value as well.

“Andy is THE BEST massage therapist I have ever been to! (and I have been to many many massage therapists) What makes Andy so fantastic? Andy, aside from understanding how to get into your muscles and work out the lactic acid, he also understand the chiropractic side, understands acupuncture, understands how and why the body works together. Andy worked his magic on my sciatic nerve and my toes haven’t tingled or been numb for a week straight! Andy is extremely knowledgeable and continually strives to learn more. I asked him a question at our last session. He went above and beyond, did some research on the topic and sent it over to me. Wonderful! Andy… Check him out… He rocks!”

“I found Meridian Bodywork after my car was rear-ended in traffic and I had residual soreness. Andrew Raak was compassionate and intuitive about the work that I needed, including areas of chronic ache and tightness that predated the accident. His sensitive approach mixed both vigorous and gentle massage techniques and he asked for feedback. I left my sessions feeling more loose, relaxed and refreshed. I find Andrew to be a likable and genuine professional, and I highly recommend him to you.”

“I wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for a wonderful massage!… I can’t thank you enough! Today was the first day in a long time where I haven’t experienced any back or shoulder pain, as well as tingling in my fingers.”

“I have received professional bodywork from numerous practitioners and I am always open to trying new ones. I called on Andrew today to schedule my first massage with him and he provided me with a prompt return phone call and a couple options for appointments the same day. Very few therapists have such a complete and incredibly even and balanced pressure with their entire hand as Andrew. Thank you for a wonderful massage! I have found my new therapist and I will definitely refer others to you!”

“Thanks for the excellent massage! I feel like a new person. A very pleasant first experience. I definitely will be back.”

“As a consultant that travels extensively and is constantly in front of a computer, I suffer from poor posture and back pain. I contacted Andrew when I was in Minneapolis to schedule a massage. Unlike other people I contacted, Andrew returned my call promptly was courteous and professional. Upon our meeting, he immediately put me at ease by asking about my pain, problem areas, and goals for the massage. Throughout the massage, he communicated with me about what he was doing and sought feedback on whether he was targeting the correct areas and if the pressure was too deep or too light. I can honestly state that Andrew has given me one of the best massage I have ever received. My back did not bother me and I was much more limber. My only regrets are 1) I do not work in Minneapolis because I would have Andrew give me a massage at least once a week and 2) If other people find out how good he is, he may not have the time to massage me when I return to Minneapolis. If you are considering a massage from a friendly, reputable and knowledgeable massage therapist, you MUST use Andrew.