We strive to achieve results and relaxation to fit each individual’s needs. To meet your expectations, we provide the highest standard of the following services: Relaxing Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, SLC Chiropractor, Sports Massage, Regenerative Therapy provided by Calvin Medical in West Valley and On-Site Event or Corporate Chair Massage. Get further details of each approach here:

Sports Massage:
Sports massage is a very functional form of massage that is productive in achieving results that can increase performance and recovery time. We have experience with a diverse group of athletes from many arenas and know that each sport requires a unique focus. Sports massage can help more than just athletes with its results-oriented approach and ability to impact the stress and tension of a fast-paced life.

Massage Therapy:
Our massage practice incorporates Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Acupressure and Swedish relaxation techniques into your session. Whether you are looking for results in dealing with a painful part of your body or relaxation from the stress and rigors of a busy life, we are confident we can achieve exactly what you need.

Chair Massage:
Chair massage has become a very important aspect of people’s health and productivity in the workplace. We work with many businesses to arrive on site at your place of work to provide employees the benefit of some stress relief and treatment of chronic workplace problems such as neck, back and shoulder pain or repetetive movement injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.