Leah Thorvilson, 2012 Olympic trials qualifier and client. Congrats!

Sports Massage FAQ

Sports Therapy uses sports massage, deep tissue massage and assisted stretching to enhance athletic performance. It also helps you recover from fatigue, overtraining or chronic injuries that hamper training. This is great for:

  • •Running
  • •Triathlon or Marathon Training
  • •Competetive Athletes (Baseball, Football, Tennis, Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball)
  • •Yoga
  • •Daily Workouts at the Gym

We have worked with Olympic class and professional athletes, high performance teen athletes and weekend warriors. Although all sessions are individualized to your needs, the following is an example of where and when sports massage can be implemented into your athletic regimen.

Conditioning Massage
This utilizes deeper massage techniques for athletes as a regular part of their training routine. The purpose of this advanced specialty is to help athletes attain and maintain their optimal physical training condition. Specific knowledge of the sport is used to appropriately fulfil the athlete’s needs.

Rehab Massage
This is a results-oriented technique that aids athletes with injuries or disability conditions they may encounter between events. Extensive anatomical knowledge is used to understand the injury and what is needed to help restore the athlete to their previous level of physical and psychological fitness.