Frequently Asked Questions

How is sports massage different from other types of therapeutic massage?

  • The basic techniques in sports massage can be the same as the basic techniques in any other forms of therapeutic massage.
  • In sports massage the therapist may apply the techniques more firmly and deeper than a general massage therapist might.
  • The sports massage therapist may also use frictioning techniques which involve applying deep pressure to tissues repeatedly to break down adhesions (sticky bits on tendons) and soften scar tissue.
  • Some sports massage techniques are designed to reduce an injury back to its acute stage in order to trigger the bodies natural healing response.

Does it hurt?

  • Some forms of massage are very superficial.  A superficial massage can be very relaxing; however, it is not usually as good at treating the muscles.
  • A sports massage needs to be applied deeper to manipulate muscle tissue more effectively. This can induce a deeper relaxation although at times some techniques (not all) may border on the uncomfortable.
  • However, the important point is massage should not be so painful that it causes the patient to tighten up or tense with pain. Some techniques need to be applied deeply (requiring a therapist with strong thumbs) but not so deep that the muscles tense up. This is pointless and of little benefit as the therapist is working against the body.